Commercial Refrigeration

Pearce Trawick is actively managing commercial refrigeration services for restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, chain restaurants, retail stores and government facilities. In most cases, breakdowns are caused by not having the proper preventive maintenance plan in place for refrigeration units. For example, ensuring drawers and doors close properly by adjusting or replacing old hinges, drawer slides or casters, gaskets, and seals. These are often over looked and can have a great impact on temperature inside your refrigerated spaces. Proper maintenance of condensers, evaporators, fans and belts are also critical to ensuring your refrigeration is running efficiently. Not only does this aid in space temperatures, but it increases recovery time during peak hours and saves you money on your utility bills.

Refrigeration is one of the most critical areas of opportunity facing the commercial food industry today. With stricter health codes, new refrigerants, and other factors many businesses have found it challenging to locate the right company for the job. Pearce-Trawick is the answer.